Our philosophy is that successful drug development starts with keeping the goal in mind and getting it right the first time while controlling costs and timelines. Close attention to science and data allow us to be flexible where required.   

In addition to providing strategic and hands-on input, we offer support for in-licensing activities, development strategy mapping and experiment design and placement.    

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Janus Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC is focused on providing rapid and effective solutions in Drug Discovery and Development to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. At Janus PC, we have over 30 years’ experience in both small start-up and large Pharma environments providing leadership for programs in drug discovery from hit identification to lead selection and for development projects including CMC, IND-enabling activities, clinical trial operations and regulatory filings and communication. We have taken programs through opportunity identification and assessment through preclinical and clinical to Phase 3.

Using Janus, the Roman God of transitions, as a symbol for drug discovery and development, at Janus PC we believe that successful drug development starts with looking forward and keeping the goal in mind. Equally, the goal needs to be supported by looking back through the data and the lessons learnt during the development program.    

Janus PC provides technical consulting and project leadership to Life Science companies in Pharmaceutical Consulting, Drug Discovery Consulting and Drug Manufacturing Consulting. Specifically in:


Discovery/Medicinal Chemistry


Opportunity Assessment 

Project Leadership 


Virtual Company Mentoring 

As part of a strong network of research and development professionals we have access to some best people in the industry allowing us to rapidly address your needs.    

We look forward to starting a conversation about your Drug Discovery and Development needs.   

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