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Jan Scicinski, PhD FRSC CChem

Dr Jan Scicinski is an experienced drug discovery and development scientist, executive, and problem solver with a successful track record in new pharmaceutical product discovery and development.   

He has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, in both start-up and large corporate environments (GSK, Nuada, ALZA, EpicentRx), providing leadership for programs in drug discovery from hit identification to lead selection and for development projects including CMC, IND-enabling activities, clinical trial operations and regulatory filings and communication. 

Dr. Scicinski is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry with Chartered Chemist Status and holds a PhD from Cambridge University and BSc hons from Imperial College, London. He has co-authored over 170 peer-reviewed publications, patents, abstracts and book chapters.      



As part of a strong network of professionals with a similar approach to research and development, we have access to some best people in the industry. With this expanded team of experts, we are able to rapidly form a team around your project needs to enable rapid and successful problem solving. Our expanded network includes capabilities in:


  • Biomedical Statistics – creative and effective study design, interim and final data analysis, randomization, DMC activities, clinical reports, orphan drug and breakthrough status applications 
  • Quality Assurance – support for all QA manufacturing and clinical activities: audits, drug release, document management, GMPs, GCPs and GLPs  
  • Regulatory – regulatory strategy, preparation of regulatory filing, electronic filing
  • Toxicology – complete service preclinical toxicology assessment: toxicology, pharmacology, DMPK.  
  • Metabolism – full metabolite ID including proteomics 

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Why Janus?


Janus, the Roman God of beginnings, transitions and gateways, is an apt symbol for the Drug Discovery and Development process: Drug Development proceeds through formal regulatory review gateways such as IND approval and moves through the different phases of development, transitioning from preclinical safety assessment through to clinical trials designed to statistically explore the safety and efficacy of a drug candidate. It also encompasses the less formal, but nonetheless important transitions that make up the many day to day decisions that the process involves. At each stage of development, the generation and review of key data enables smooth transitions from one stage to the next.  

Like Janus looking both backwards and forwards, the ability to look back at data while looking forward and strategizing to achieve the goal is critical to successful development. At Janus Pharmaceutical Consulting, we leverage over 30 years of experience in Discovery through Phase 3 development to facilitate these crucial phase transitions.   

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